AspDotNetStorefront Abandoned Orders Add-On

Do not let go the customer who once landed on your website.

Convert Hits to Sales. Get back your site visitors who left checkout process on the half way. Our Abandoned Orders utility is a pure method to dramatically improve your success by helping you in retaining prospective buyers on your site.

Abandoned Orders Add-On Facilities:

  • Automated email reminders to customers who left the orders half way.
  • Facility in Admin Section to check manually Abandoned Orders and send reminders to them.
  • Facility to offer discounts to these customers.
  • Reports on conversions i.e. how many conversions happened from Abandoned Orders to Complete Orders.
  • Store Notes with each Abandoned order for your tracking, so as you know the followup.
  • Stores date of each email reminder sent to customer for abandoned order.
  • Facility to setup Reminder Intervals in hours and days, so, you can control when the customer is auto contacted back. You do not need to manually monitor abandoned orders.
  • Shows what your customer bought and left at which stage.
  • Facility to delete anonymous records.

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